A Few Reviews, Testimonials & Success Stories

From Client's who have worked with our founder, Ab Mobasher

Please Note: Client confidentiality is necessary and some details regarding a project can not be shared. Therefore, when necessary, client names have been withheld. 

Project:  Conceptualization and Designing of an Eco-Friendly Vehicle ~ “Genius...........just understood what we wanted exactly, got right on the job, delivered before time and more that what we expected....thanks a tonne ! Would definitely contact for more work, genius indeed!”  

Project:  Quick Release Prosthetic Component ~ Rajesh D.~ “This is my first time working with Ab. I was skeptical in hiring a contractor to do my sketches, however I am very happy that I did. Abby is very professional and very well educated in the field of developing prototypes. He took my concept in my head and translated it into different versions of sketches for me to choose from and added features built according to my specs and tolerances. The original phase of the project was completed on time. The last phase of the project delayed because of my finances and I had to stall the last phase of the project. Not only did I get a good quality sketch and design he also took the time to educate me in the process and advise me way above and beyond how to protect my idea and the options needed to make modifications and changes. At the end, I also gained a good trusted friend that I will continue to work with on many other projects, as this is just the beginning of a wonderful relationship.”  

Project: Prototype Design  ~If you are looking for professional, quality and spectacular satisfaction, then your search is over, you've found your guy. Ab was an absolute pleasure to work with. After just a few conversations I felt as though I could call him my brother. He was extremely helpful, understanding, cooperative and not only met, but went above and beyond all expectations. He would write me as soon as he came up with a new and improved piece or idea to the project we were working on, (even if it was at 2:33 AM)! You can tell Ab is a very hard worker and takes pride in his work. Not only that but it SHOWS! This guy is a genius and I felt very comfortable putting my "dream" into the the hands of Ab to nurture and turn to a reality for me. He did an amazing job and I will have him do my future projects for me guaranteed! I would highly recommend Ab if you want superior quality and honest work for any project you may have. Thanks Ab! ” 

Project: Bottle Design ~ “Ab is both skilled and passionate in his chosen field. He will consciously go out of his way to assist you in championing your project and approaches your project as if it were his own. As an added bonus, Ab is a very bright individual making the necessary interactions a pleasure as opposed to a burden.” 

Project: Light Weight Sport Drink Bottle and Holder ~ “Working with Ab was fun and very educational. his knowledge of the process of invention alone was worth the money I spent and the product he came up with and the others he proposed were all well thought out and each one better than the next. He went out of his way to chase down measurements and do the research. in the end he gave us a marketable product and a few ideas for future uses that I'd never have thought of. We intend to use him again as soon as we're ready to roll out our next product. many great thanks to you and your team Ab.” 

Project: Product Design ~ “Ab was Great to work with. Any road blocks we were able to over come. He was in the process of moving during out project and still made it happen. Very nice gentleman.” 

Project: Convertible Designs ~ Natasha M. ~ “Ab is a wonderful and very talented engineer and inventor with vast experience, great imagination and a big heart. I'm happy with the outcome of my project. Ab has delivered more then I asked for. I would recommend Ab to any inventor as not only he is able to deliver the technical part of a project, but also can provide a great input into your design and other important parts of the invention process. I had a great experience working with Abby and would hire him again in a heart-beat.” 

Project: Soundproof Panel ~  “Highly recommended” 

Project: Product Design and Development ~  “Ab is an awesome individual to work with. Extremely professional and extremely knowledgeable in his field. I will definitely work with him in the future. And I do recommend his services.” 

Project: Creation of New Product ~  “Highly recommended. Project was completed on time, and far exceeded my expectations. I wouldn't hesitate to use this provider… you are in assured safe hands. Very highly skilled designer! ” 

Project: Solar Sunshade ~ “GreenTekRD was a pleasure to work with. They brought creative energy, imagination and experience to the project. GreenTek RD asked the right questions, instinctively understood the concept and provided a quality result. They always kept the project moving forward and did an excellent job of communicating status and progress results. I would not hesitate to work with GreenTek RD again.” 

Project: New Canvas Picture Frame ~ "Ab was an absolute pleasure to work with, and prevailed with a great design. Very dedicated and committed to delivering quality and on-time work. Very responsive and always came straight back with responses despite different time zones! In fact I am already preparing another project that will go straight to Ab to work on! ”  

Project: New Design Picture Frame ~ “Ab is great to work with as usual! This is my second project with Abby and there will definitely be more. Ab assisted with not only producing a great design but also finding a great domain name for the project and designing a logo! Thanks again Ab.”  

Project: Conceptualize and Design Gym Equipment ~ “The man is the best in the field and goes all out to please.”  

Project: Heating Dish ~ “Working with Ab was an absolute pleasure! He treated me and my ideas with respect throughout the whole time, although I am new to the process. He treated the project as his own personal project and never stopped thinking of new innovative ideas. He is very knowledgeable, professional, patient and personal. We have only completed the first portion of the project but, I am definitely looking to continuing and completing the project with Green Tek! Thank you Ab! ” 

Project: Product Development ~ “Very easy to work with. Excellent interpretation of designs and product concept. ”  

Project: Need to Make a New “Gadget” for Production ~ “Ab performed his work diligently and with full heart. We really thank him for putting all the work in to this project. He made a development plan and finished his work before all the deadlines. I also should say that he went beyond and delivered a lot more than he promised. Highly recommend him. We are now working with him on the next project. ” 

Project: Manufacturing, Design and Drawing of a Future Product ~Mike L.~ “Thanks Ab! The sketch looks amazing. I'll get back to you and we'll move on to the next part of the project. I HIGHLY recommend Ab. ” 

Project: Improve Design of Harness ~ “Talented Product Designer, Better Than Expected.” 

Project: Deodorant Container Made from Bamboo ~ “I was very satisfied with Ab's work and guidance, and will certainly be working with him on future projects.”

Project: Desk Design ~ “Will use again. Professional and very knowledgeable. Highly recommended!” 

Project: Design Solar Oven ~ “Job better than expected - A+++ Thanks Ab” 

Project: Preliminary Prototype ~ “Ab worked hard through this next phase (#2) of this project. Ab takes a personal interest in the project and works and reworks to your satisfaction. If you are looking for someone creative and diligent, Ab 's talent and professionalism shines on those lines. He is less "dry engineer" and more "artist and collaborator" if that is what you are looking for. Highly recommend.”  

Project: Help to Bring Invention to Life ~ “I can't say enough good things about Ab and GreenTek. The title of my project was "Help bring an invention to life". Not only did he help, but he immediately grasped it, brainstormed, poked and tweaked until we got the best results. His easy demeanor and fun personality made it a pleasure to work with him. We've since moved on to the next phase and I have 100% confidence I have the right team behind me. His willingness to help and go the extra step was above and beyond. This was not simply a 'job' to him. This was a friendship and a collaboration he took personal pride in and that is exactly what I needed going into this, and what I suspect he gives to all his clients. His expertise became obvious right from the start. I highly recommend him and his services. Ab's style is fun and encouraging and he kept ME motivated along the way.”  ~ Project: Help to Bring Invention to Life

Project: Product Design | Rough Sketches to Prototype ~ “Ab is a wise man with a big heart. I would definitely recommend him for traditional product development. Our product had a modern design that we felt wasn't a perfect fit, but he certainly has a tremendous amount of experience and a long history as an inventor and product designer. His sweet demeanor makes you feel like you're part of his family from the moment you begin working with him.” 

Project:  Off-grid Atmospheric Water Generator Prototype Design ~ “It was a pleasure to work with Ab! I feel like he really understood the creative process that we were going through, and he put in extra effort to incorporate all of our needs into a design. He also understands the importance of cost-efficiency and IP and he is completely a team player. He took ownership over his work and I felt like I could trust him through the whole process. He is also really responsive to messages and sticks to deadlines. Even after he completed the design he has still made himself available for support and questions, which shows he truly cares about the project!"

This is a small representation of client praise and comments. To view more, please CLICK HERE.


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“Ab is a wonderful and very talented engineer and inventor with vast experience, great imagination and a big heart. I'm happy with the outcome of my project. Ab has delivered more then I asked for. I would recommend Ab to any inventor as not only he is able to deliver the technical part of a project, but also can provide a great input into your design and other important parts of the invention process. I had a great experience working with Abby and would hire him again in a heart-beat.” 

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