Mutual No Risk NDA / NCA

It's Mutual, It's No Risk and It Protects Your Idea

Why a Non Disclosure / Non-Circumvention Agreement?

We insist on assuring you that your idea is completely safe and well protected. Before we start, you will submit a legally binding, no-risk, mutual NDA-NCA (Non-Disclosure Agreement  / Non-Circumvention Agreement) that we will both sign. A hard copy will be mailed to you.

The NDA / NCA is necessary for those interested in licensing or investing as well as Inspired Inventors that desire to have their ideas evaluated.

This document will protect your idea from being replicated elsewhere and your invention when it comes time to file for your patent. It's mutual, it's no-risk and it protects YOU. Just fill in your information in the form below. By submitting the form, your e-signature will act as your legal and binding agreement. A hard copy will be mailed to you. Your information must be correct and will be vetted / confirmed prior to any contact.

Mutual NDA & NCA

This Mutual Non-Disclosure / Non-Circumvention Agreement is between Ab Mobasher (THE RECIPIENT) and

In the event a party to this Agreement is in breach of its terms or provisions, the non-breaching party shall have the option of selecting the forum for enforcement of the Agreement, and the Agreement's validity, construction and performance shall be governed by the laws of the State so chosen by the non-breaching party without regard to that State's laws as to choice or conflict of laws. In the event that an amicable settlement cannot be agreed to by mutual discussion and/or non-binding arbitration by a third party, provided however, that the party found in default by a judgment shall compensate in full the aggrieved party for all of its legal expenses, not withstanding any other provisions of the judgment. By submissio of this form, both parties agree to honor the e-signatures as provided and shown. Facsimile of this document is as valid as original and must be followed by mailing the hard copy to the discloser. Witness the hands and seals of the Parties hereto on this day:


This constitutes my e-signature - On behalf of Ab Mobasher, P. O. Box 1262 Riggins, ID 83549 U.S.




This constitutes my e-signature - On behalf of:


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