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You've thought about it, you've dreamed it ... now let's make it a reality!

Have you ever wanted to run your idea by a seasoned inventor? Now is your chance.

Gain access to Ab Mobasher and his 40 plus years of experience in idea / innovation development, tooling and manufacturing. He understands every aspect of protecting your ideas and what it takes to develop your project from an idea to generating revenue.

Your idea is completely safe and well protected. Before we start, you will submit a legally binding, no-risk, mutual NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) / Confidentiality Agreement that we will both sign.

Invest in your future with a FREE 20 minute phone consultation with a seasoned, experienced inventor, Ab Mobasher.

Ab created the FREE 20 Minute Consultation and his ebook INNOVATION 101 as his contribution to every person with an idea for something that will help make life easier. He has compacted his knowledge into this ebook and will assist you, if you need, in starting your innovation journey with a 20 Minute Free Consultation.

 When you feel you are ready, review the simple Step - by - Step instructions by clicking  the green button below.


 The GreenTEK RD Technology Incubator is truly about three specific things ... New Product Development, Our Green Thumbs and Giving Back programs. We are proud to introduce the projects currently in the Incubator Stage, have you visit with some of our Green Thumbs and learn more about the Giving Back program.  Click on the appropriate button below to find out more. 

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40+Years of Experience
Completed Over 200+ Projects
Focused on Green Technologies
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Our Products / Projects

Over the years, many products have been designed and developed to varying stages of completion. Several projects are awaiting funding to bring them to market. Projects developed by Ab Mobasher that are considered proprietary and are awaiting final patent, may not be visible but will have a description relating to its function and status. Should you desire more information regarding one of these projects, a signed NDA will be required. A link to the NDA can be found on the individual projects.

Attention Inventors!

Your ideas are ... a product of your fertile imagination.  Benefit from them ~ let's take them to the world.

We operate within a Shared Success mindset ... A perfect paradigm honoring the fact that we are all one.

Shared Success also means Shared Respect ~ Advancing Humanity to its highest potential.

Bringing Your Project from Idea to Revenue

A Step by Step Plan to Avoiding the Pitfalls

Step 1

Click the GREEN BUTTON below toDownload your FREE copy of  INNOVATION 101 and the "Info-gram" and learn; the secrets of developing useful and marketable products, super Inventing for Success, finding the right help, how to protect your ideas, patenting and creation of presentation materials and more.

Step 2

Complete, sign and submit the no risk - mutual NDA (Non Disclosure Agreeement), then fill out the "Idea Evaluation Form" and submit it for review. Inventor, Designer, Developer Ab Mobasher will critique your idea and review it with you in your FREE 20 minute consultation.

Step 3

Take advantage of the FREE 20 Minute Consultation with Inventor, Designer and Developer,  Ab Mobasher. Ab has developed hundreds of new products. He believes in Shared Success Principles and shares his knowledge in easy to understand language.

What Our Clients Think

“Ab is a wonderful and very talented engineer and inventor with vast experience, great imagination and a big heart. I'm happy with the outcome of my project. Ab has delivered more then I asked for. I would recommend Ab to any inventor as not only he is able to deliver the technical part of a project, but also can provide a great input into your design and other important parts of the invention process. I had a great experience working with Abby and would hire him again in a heart-beat.” 

Natasha M.

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